What is LASER eye treatment? [updated 2016]

LASER eye treatment

What is LASER eye treatment? [updated 2016]

There was a great problem of vision in the peoples. They used glasses, lenses to watch things precisely. In the early stage, it was easy for the peoples to use glasses and lenses to find a better solution for their vision problem. On that stage peoples were happy. But with the passage of time, patients/peoples started to change themselves. They just adopted some modern ways to live their lives. They changed their cloth styles, shoe styles, hair style, etc. Then why to use glasses? To read about glasses click here. You’re currently reading about LASER eye treatment. Some peoples have a big problem of using glasses. That’s why scientists and Doctors researched and found a way, by which there’s no need to use glasses lenses etc. They called it LASER eye surgery. In these ways, vision is healed by LASER, Blade, etc. Some of them are explained below:

Types of LASER eye surgery:

   1. PRK eye surgery

LASER eye treatment

It is the abbreviation of PhotoRefractive Keratectomy. It is used to cure the vision. This effort of scientists and Doctors was to solve the problem of glasses and lenses. So I’m writing about PRK eye surgery. There are some problems in vision like:

  • Myopia

LASER eye treatment

In this problem, patient face nearsightedness. Nearsightedness called myopia in LASER eye surgery’s language. This problem can be cured with PRK and some other technique, and I’ll write about PRK because you’re reading PRK eye surgery 2016. In this way, the procedure is applied, then vision starts to cure itself. It takes four days to 2 weeks. For the better results, you should wait for at least one week. To read in detail about PRK eye surgery, its cost and procedure guide, click here.

  • Hyperopia

This way takes us to farsightedness. Everything in the procedure/problem is same as Myopia in above paragraph. To read in detail about PRK eye surgery, its cost and procedure guide, click here.

  • Astigmatism

Like Near sightedness and farsightedness, it is also an error of vision. In this light don’t come to one point; unfortunately, it falls on multiple points, which caused imperfect image created on the cornea. To read in detail about PRK eye surgery, its cost and procedure guide, click here.

2. LASIK eye surgery

LASER eye treatment

This procedure completes its treatment in just one day. Yeah! It can heal your vision in only 24 hours. But it creates more risks for your eyes during the healing process. In this way, corneal is reshaped using LASER technology. This process is done under the thin flap. Do you want to study in detail about LASIK eye surgery, cost details and procedure guide? Kindly use this link.

It usually costs around $2500 to $2800. In this package all things will be covered, like procedure fee, instruments used and wasted, etc. Kindly don’t follow the Doctor, who offers you to do this work for lesser money. He uses his older LASER suite to do this. He’ll not prefer you to go to perfect place specially made for this surgery. And if you’ll go through lesser fee, it will be not safe! Keep reading: LASER eye treatment

3. ICL eye surgery

LASER eye treatment

This is the latest technique to cure our vision through LASER eye surgery. It uses implantable collamer lens to cure our visian problem. It is used to cure the nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. This surgery is best for them who can’t go through PRK and LASIK. In this article, you read about LASER eye treatment. It costs high. It usually costs around $4000. To read about ICL eye surgery and its cost go through this link.


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