What is EPI Lasik – Cost and Epi LASEK recovery


What is Epi LASIK?

Epi LASIK termed for eye surgery, which is and advanced and refractive technique to solve problems related to vision and related to older surgery techniques of eyes. The creator of this technique is the name of Dr. Ioannis Pallikaris, who belongs to Greece. This advanced method is now developed in order to rescue complications of older methods or surgeries. It also covers less painful feelings than that of PRK or LASIK. If in previous checkups you were not suitable for LASIK eye surgery, surely now you may make yourself a good candidate for Epi LASIK eye surgery. Read and find out the reasons behind this.

How does it work?

This technique is not dependant on re-shaping of corneal epithelium or cutting it off from thin or thick sides and let them re-generate. It is also fool proof from other complicated issues that were arising after getting LASIL treatments. Less painful and more effective results are written under the umbrella of Epi LASIK eye surgery. Except for natural aging eye issues, these eye surgeries are providing better results in case of treating myopic vision, hyperopic vision plus astigmatism. It surely helps us to remove our eye contact lenses or eye glasses, which is definitely an irritating stuff for them who are not able to see properly without this external stuff. For this purpose, eye surgeries are here for providing us best observing power without contact lenses.
In LASIK treatment, there is a use of alcohol by which a thin layer of epithelium removes. This alcohol consumption in eye will cause irritation after this surgery. However in Epi LASIK eye treatment, rather than use alcohol, surgeon uses microkeratome to cleave this epithelium layer. After lifting this layer, a type of content lens is then put over the eye, which will helps in re-growing of epithelial layer. This re-grown layer will gives you a corrected vision.

Epi LASIK costs:

Depending on different surgeons and different departments, the cost of Epi LASIK or any other eye surgery can be different as well. However we separate this cost region into two parts.
1- If we talk about traditional Epi LASIK’s cost, it will rate up to $500 to $1000 for each eye.
2- And if we talk about Custom Epi-LASIK’s cost, it will rate up to $1500 to $2000 for each eye surgery. In this part of costing, custom involves mapping techniques of wave front which makes this part costly than that of traditional price.
However for good concession in price, it will be suggested to discuss it from your family surgeon or doctor.

Epi LASIK recovery:

Epi-LASIK recovery is faster than other treatments of eyes related to visionary surgeries. It offers you a recovery time period of about 2 days maximum, which is just good about this surgery rather than other ones. Another thing is less pain conditions during and after the surgery. Patient always recommend such features for choosing their surgery process. These two are none other than main reasons by Epi LASIK is better than any another treatment technique. One more thing which relates from fast recovery time is mental health issues. If recovery will be soon, patient will experience mental calm and not too much tired of its recovery period.


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