What is Visian ICL – Effects of ICL And Visian ICL Cost

Vision icl

What is Visian ICL

The implantable collamer lens is known as Visian ICL. This type of lens is used to heal the typical visual problems. It invented because most of the eye patients were facing the broad range of common problems normally from 10.0 to -18.0 along astigmatism from 1D* to 6D*. The perfect model of the lens always shows good results about the graph of out-coming patients. The company has FDA license for this Visian ICL to heal different refractive problem occurred in the various countries. It can quickly cure the myopia problem between the range of -3D and -5D along the equal or lesser astigmatism of 2.5D.

t can implant in just 10 minutes. After implantation, patient’s visian problem starts reducing, and it reduces day by day. This lens is also wearable, insertion lens. When the patient feels cured, this lens can be changed according to the guide. This technology has improved eyesight. This phenomenon has also reduced the infection, inflexion, refraction and the increasing graph of patients having many problems with visian.  To read more about the implementation of this lens consult Google search or go to wiki-how.

Most of the companies are developing it. They are always ready for treatment of the patient in every region…

what is the graph of visian ICL?

On the first stage, this technology was proved a good subject for students. After development, now it is growing faster day by day. There is one lens implanted after every 6 minutes in the working regions. It is becoming a perfect treatment of refractive problems.

Side effects of Visian ICL

FDA approves this technology. And it has not any side effects. Even it has a protector inside to avoid the eye from ultraviolet rays. It tested more than 100+ times, But no side effects found. So go and use it without scaring.

Who invented it?

To study deeply of it, and to know more about certification/properties/mechanism used behind it, feel free to contact its developer by click here. This team is open minded, and they feel happy to teach about it, for free!

Graph about the camparison of Visian ICL

Here is the graph of this technology. Have a look at it!

profit graph of visian ICL


Visian ICL vs LASIK

These both schemes are used to heal the problem of nearsightedness. These schemes are perfect for best experience of treatment. How ICL is more efficient way, recently founded for the treatment of nearsightedness.

In ICL procedure, we take the help of tiny incision, because it doesn’t hurt enough, to put the lens after the iris and before our natural lens. Some patients have a very high prescription -3 to -15, dry eyes or thin corneas problems. So these type of patients can not go through the LASIK surgery. (To read about the  EPI LASIK surgery go through this link). Then ICL remains as the way for them. It will be good for them to go through the ICL instead of LASIK.

In LASIK we take help of the LASER technology to make a thin flap for reaching the cornea. The we put the lens there. This lens helps the cornea in reshaping process. When this process is done, your eye is ready to focus accurately on that particular objects, which you want to see through your natural eyes.

The LASIK surgery process is quick. If you’ve gone through LASIK since afternoon, in the evening your visian will be blurry, Aaah! Don’t worry. In the next morning, you’ll see the improvements.

Which will be best for you?

If your Doctor told you that you can’t go through the LASIK because the problems of dry eye, high prescription, even then you don’t need to worry, you could still enjoy best visian. Because ICL the best for you! In a previous survey, it is noticed that ICL is the best way to heal your visian in Atlanta region. However, other areas can also enjoy it’s best qualities.

ICL surgery cost

As this technique is the best for nearsightedness problem. Sometimes it is found tough to cure the very high nearsightedness patients through the LASIK. So this technique has some high rates than the LASIK eye surgery cost and PRK eye surgery cost.

You can go through it by paying $4000 per one eye. NOTE: this procedure is more complicated than the others are. In this procedure, high talent is needed. Doctor have enhancements that can through LASER and have the correction of astigmatism. Some of the close minded Doctors will try to charge lesser by using their old LASER suit instead of going into the surgical centre (which is a standard way). So I will recommend you not to follow those Doctors. Because it is bit case sensitive procedure.

That’s why ICL surgery through the standard procedure is recommended!

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