Visian ICL vs LASIK – Cost camparison between visian ICL and LASIK

visian ICL vs LASIK

As you know, there are many problems are rising day by day according to eye vision problems. Therefore, some great persons have discovered new ways to cure it. They have also invented some new equipment(s) to use while curing. In these days, some types of eye surgery are underused. In this article, you will study about the visian ICL and LASIK. In this article, I’ll write about visian ICL vs. LASIK.

   Visian ICL

It is used through the method of implantable collamer lens. In this way, implantable collamer lens is inserted between the cornea and our natural lens. This technique is used to cure the visual problems of eye patients. Its need felted when some patients were suffering from the broad range problems between the 10.0 and -18.0 with the astigmatism of 1D* to 6D*. Company of Visian ICL is registered by the FDA. They also teach others how their system works. So if you wanna to contact them just go through this link . They are excellent.

Implantation of Visian ICL is too fast. It is inserted between the cornea of the eye and our natural lens. After insertion, the patient gets started to let down the graph of his/her eye problem. After some time, when vision is cured due to ICL, patient feel a little disturbance. On that stage, the patient can change the lens according to treatment graph.

Visian ICL technology helped us in improving eyesight. Before this, some doctors and patients took is a un-heal-able problem. But then some doctor tried their best and introduced this technology.

To read about the inventor of ICL, go through this link.

       Cost of Visian ICL

As this technology is more complex than others, so doctor have to use much equipment(s). That’s why it is little expensive than others are. To use this technology to cure our eyesight we have to spend $4000. Some Doctors will let you know that they can do it for the little money. But actually, they do it with the help of their older LASER suite. If you wanna to cure completely and securely, then don’t follow that Doctor!

      Visian ICL vs LASIK

Yes! You’re going to read about visian ICL vs. LASIK. In visial ICL, there is no problem of dry eye. But in the LASIK 20% of total patients can have the problem of dry eye. ICL can prove a positive treatment process. But in LASIK, patients can’t feel safe enough. ICL doesn’t affect our cornea, to cure our eyesight, but it works with natural lens to improve eyesight. LASIK totally destroy our natural cornea to let our body make a new one. LASIK procedure of removing cornea can be proved as an irreversible procedure. But ICL is a removable lens. It takes place behind the iris. It doesn’t remove anything. It is also compatible. So ICL is the most comfortable procedure.

    LASIK eye surgery cost

Sometimes, LASIK is less expensive. If we go through the traditional one, it will cause to charge only $1000. If we use the custom package is will cause to spend $2000. Custom one is costly because the doctor has to use map the wavefront. Do you wanna to read more about LASIK eye surgery.

        which is best for you?

I would like to prefer you ICL. I know it is expensive sometimes. But believe this article, it is better than the other, like PRK, LASIK, etc. If you wanna to cure yourself in a right way, then follow the way of ICL. NOTE: previously ICL was not available in United States.

That’s it about visian ICL vs LASIK

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