How Much PRK Eye Surgery Cost And Procedure Fees

PRK Eye Surgery Cost

Are you willing to get this treatment for getting your eye sight better without content lenses or glasses? Then photorefractive keratectomy is one of the best therapy or surgery that can heal your problem of using content lenses. The procedure of this laser surgery is achieved by laser rays which helps in cutting of the corneal epithelium in order to let it regenerate for good vision. For reducing painful irritation during surgery, anesthetic drops also used before getting started to make your eye numb. As every artificial process has some sort of side effects as well, similarly few side effects are also noted in case of PRK however success rate is much more than that. For more information about photorefractive keratectomy read our main article. Read more to find out PRK eye surgery cost and other effective details.

PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) eye surgery and Its Cost:

PRK is a surgical treatment for patients who have low eye vision. It is basically a kind of a laser procedure by which perfect vision can be determined after getting low eye sight. In my previous topic “Photorefractive Keratectomy”, I include each and every possible fact, side effect and benefits of PRK eye surgery. This surgery is available for the patients of far sightedness, near sightedness and for patients of astigmatism as well. I am arranging this article for you in order to let you inform about price values and PRK eye surgery costs so you would be able to decide better if you also want to become a PRK candidate.
It is similar to Lasik treatment and nowadays they both are using by surgeons for treating eye vision. Difference between both surgeries is not so noticeable except of less discomfort feeling in Lasik treatment, but if we talk about their prices surely it can give you a difference between both of them.

PRK eye surgery cost:

This article is all about PRK eye surgery cost. Price values are always dependent on surgeons and technicians who are involved in providing you this treatment. However we are mentioning some minimum values that are approved for PRK laser surgery. It includes pre-operative, follow up fees and complete procedure fees.
1- Pre-operative fees:
If we talk about pre-operative fees as well as follow up fees, it is about of $295 – $300. Price value of this region covers the initial records that are necessary before operating PRK. In some centers follow up fees is also included in pre-operative fees chart. Well it covers initial eye power records and corneal topography.
2- Total procedure fees:
If we talk about total procedure fees, it is of about $495 – $500. This price covers necessary instruments that have been used during your operation. It also covers fees of surgeons and checkup fees that will be needed up to 1 year after this surgery.
Concern your surgeon for availing better PRK eye surgery costs.
Discounts for VIPs:
Special discount charts are also available for military members which are on active duty. Epic system employees and for Unity health insurance members, there are also a discount of about $100 out of total PRK eye surgery cost.


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