LASIK vs PRK – Time comparison – Candidates – Cost difference

lasik vs prk


As LASIK and PRK, eye surgeries are adopted by different eyesight patient. So it needs to know about the comparison of LASIK vs. PRK eye surgeries. LASIK is mostly chosen, because of its good results, as it always shows. But PRK eye surgery is also adopted by some patients because of its lesser fee. As there are many patients who can’t pay enough to get LASIK eye surgery or ICL eye surgery (read about ICL, & ICL surgery cost and ICL vs LASIK) so they choose PRK eye surgery as it costs less. To read wiki history of these surgeries go through this link.

These methods are top on the list of best ways of treatment of your eyes. Both are considered best ways to cure nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. But how can you find the difference between them?

Let me talk about LASIK vs. PRK –

In LASIK, we can cure the problem of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. For this purpose, LASER is used to reshape the corneal. As this method is terrible sometimes. In LASIK, the healing process is performed under a smart/thin flap in the cornea. Alas! I forgot to define the cornea, the cornea is a glass tissue, when light enters to your eye, and it passes through the cornea. Some surgeons use a blade, old one. But nowadays LASER method is widely used. The cornea is repaired by reshaping is with the help of LASER connected with the computer, by which it can be reshaped precisely. This process is performed to repair to problems of the cornea that causes to disordered vision experience.

PRK is directly applied on corneal, instead of on thin flap. In this way treatment is treatment process doesn’t hurt more. This phenomenon is the safest process. This surgery was first to perfect surgery to get rid of glasses and lenses. There is a big problem with vision. Every 4th person was using glasses to watch things properly. Some peoples don’t like it. They have taken it as a burden on them. They think that they have made a terrible mistake in their past, that’s they are suffering from this problem. Some of them were too much discouraged. That’s why, scientists and Doctors, came to think that they should invent anything, by which patients can get rid of glasses and lenses. So this treatment method was found.

PRK method which is also known as PhotoRefractive Keratectomy is suggested by many patients who have passed through this surgery. Because this method doesn’t hurt, the patients. There is nothing like serious in this eye surgery, means if there is any complication during the treatment it can be resolved later.

PhotoRefractive Keratectomy (PRK) LASER eye was introduced to cure the nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. To resolve these type of problems was invented by this team. As PRK has slightly different way to cure the vision, but LASIK has some other effects. Now if you wanna to cure yourself, then which one will be best?

Let’s talk about:

Healing time compassion



Due to good results of PRK, it can compare with LASIK eye surgery’s results. LASIK is known as good treatment strategy because it can heal vision problem faster and efficient than the PRK one. The disordered area is covered by thin flap tissue of corneal. To heal this area, Excimer LASER strategy is most widely used. As this scheme always shows best results and have a good experience record with patients. Healing process is fast because there is only treatment process have to repair the edges of corneal. By using this treatment strategy, the patient gets cured faster. He/She gets started to healing him/herself as soon as LASIK eye surgery is applied. It cures the patients very faster. It shows the results hour by hour. Finally after 24 hours patients get cured fully. Then the patient can watch TV, read the newspaper, read the book, drive and use his/her computer, etc. So LASIK cures the patients in just one day.

This procedure do weak the cornea because in this way it has to generate the new flap in the cornea. This risk is not taken as a significant risk.


On other hands, PRK has a disadvantage. Its healing is longer as compared to LASIK. And this is important fact when we are comparing LASIK eye surgery and PRK eye surgery. In this procedure, healing process starts as soon as PRK surgery applied. But it takes a long time to complete the healing process. When healing started, it takes 4 – 5 days to cure the vision. Patient gets ready in 4 or 5 days. But to face the perfection, patient have to wait for 1 or 2 weeks. As 4 – 5 days’ result is not much. But after weeks, patient’s vision get fully recovered. The patient can watch TV, read books, use the computer, etc. In this treatment, in first four days, under-healing vision requires protection to avoid the disturbance in the healing process.

   Safety LASIK vs PRK

Sometimes peoples ask about safety LASIK vs. PRK. Here’s a complete note of safety LASIK vs. PRK. Sometimes both processes are taken as safe processes. But actually, PRK provides more safety than LASIK can provide. LASIK process also provides reasonable safety, as no procedure in this world is 100% safe. But again, PRK is safer than the LASIK. Mostly risks are about the flap. But if you wanna to read PRK eye surgeryhealing process is completed by applying LASER techniques on the corneal. In this flap don’t get involved. So there is no risk about the flap in PRK. So PRK doesn’t have the risk about the wrinkled flap, displaced flap, incomplete flap, debris under the flap, inflammation under the flap or an imperfect flap. Also, there is stronger corneal after the treatment process. This thing generates more tissues that can be help in enhancement or again in treatment. 

     Candidates for LASIK vs PRK

The patient who can get treatment of LASIK is also able to get the treatment of PRK. But the every patient who can get treatment of PRK is not able to LASIK’s treatment. Problems of thinner corneas, irregular astigmatism, or prior eye surgery can be solved through PRK eye surgery.

Patients who go through the LASIK eye surgery, face good safety when they’re cured by LASER treatment, instead of the blade using. Some Doctors use more advanced LASER techniques, called Intralase IFS.

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 LASIK vs PRK – Time comparison – Candidates – Cost difference

LASIK vs PRK – Time comparison – Candidates – Cost difference

 LASIK vs PRK – Time comparison – Candidates – Cost difference

LASIK vs PRK – Time comparison – Candidates – Cost difference


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