LASIK eye surgery recovery – procedure – period

LASIK eye surgery recovery

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Today, I am going to write LASIK eye surgery recovery:

Usually, This surgery is used to get rid of nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. In this procedure, LASER is used to reshape corneas of the eye. By reshaping the cornea of the eye, the problem of eyesight can be solved named as LASER eye surgery.  This surgery hurts sometimes. Under the thin flap, LASER is used to cure this problem. The cornea is a natural tissue which naturally made of glass. To enter into the eye, Light has to pass through this glass tissue named cornea. Reshaping the cornea with a LASER connected with the computer, shows accurate results. A patient is advised by the doctor when he/she experiences un-perfect cornea.

Some time ago, when LASER eye surgery was not discovered, then the eyesight’s patients had to use the glasses. In the early stage it was considered good to use glasses, but later on, when culture updated, the patient started considering it a bad activity. To read more about the history of LASER eye surgery kindly use Wikipedia.

How long LASIK takes in the recovery process?

Right after the surgery your cornea gets started curing itself. It occurs rapidly. Sometimes, the recovery time depends upon the blurred status of vision. If vision is blurred much, then sometimes it takes weeks after surgery, and also months sometimes. Your surgeon will check you after every 24 hours to confirm that is recovery process going in a right way. And sometimes, with lesser blurred vision, recovery time takes only 24 hours. It means if the patient has lesser blurred cornea then he will be able to watch things in right way.

Is LASIK eye surgery permanent?

Yes, LASIK eye surgery is the parmanent solution of vision problems mostly. But in rare cases, it is not. Means sometimes it returns a blurry image after some days of surgery.

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