LASIK complications – [updated 2016]

LASIK complications

LASIK complications

Hi readers, Today I’m going to write about LASIK complications. Eye surgery was found/invented to prevent of glasses and lenses. When peoples started upgrading their self, they started hating the glasses and lenses. That’s why these type of modern surgeries were found/invented to cure the eyesight and let the patient live without glasses and lenses.

This surgery was found around 20 years ago in united states. Doctors/surgeons started to cure the patients of eyesight. LASIK eye surgery showed best results. According to these results, doctors/surgeons calculated that this surgery may show 99% plus results in future. To read about the hsitory of LASIK eye surgery kindly go through this link OR this link

As LASIK eye surgery was invented/found to cure the nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. And after testing, it showed the best results. From then to tomorrow, LASIK eye surgery has very very very good success rates. It has too many success stories. Everyone commented his/her best experience after getting the LASIK eye surgery. But even then LASIK eye surgery has some complications.

LASIK complications

LASIK complications

LASIK eye surgery Side effects

When the result was calculated than the final graph showed that LASIK has very good success rates. Million+ patients of United States got this surgery to get rid of their eyesight’s problem. Some of them were fell into complications. I’m going to write some complication of LASIK. If you’re also injured by LASIK than it can be solved by some treatments after LASIK. So you don’t need to worry enough.

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LASIK eye surgery complications:

  •  Irregular Astigmatism: If your corneal did not curved successfully, then you may face this problem. Or when the your cornea did not get centred after LASER healing. When you got this problem unfortunately, then you’ll see doubled images. I mean if there’s one line on paper, you can get it as there are two lines, one of them will be accurate but one will be somehow blured.
  • Epithelial ingrowth: This happens when some additional epithelial cells start growing uder the flap. This will cause irregular vision; i.e. blured vision.
  • Diffuse lamellar keratitis (DLK): This is inflamation uder the flap. When it occurs, the patient may face the seriuos condition like vision loss.
  • Keratectasia or keratoconus: If doctor remove enough tissues from cornea than should be, then it may occur.

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