LASER eye treatment side effects [2016 updated]

laser eye treatment side effects

LASER eye treatment side effects

As you know, LASER eye surgery has brought reasonable changes in our lifestyles. Along this, I’ll explain some LASER eye treatment side effects. Means some time ago peoples who had a problem of nearsightedness or farsightedness, they had to use glasses. After some time, patients started hating the glasses. Because glasses hurt sometimes. The person who has a problem of nearsightedness and has to use glasses, when he get’s up in the morning, he is not able to watch time on his wrist watch. Because he has a problem of nearsightedness. To watch time on his wrist watch he has to wear glasses first. There are many other facts due to peoples don’t like to use glasses anymore. That’s why LASER eye surgery was invented. To read the history of LASER eye surgery go here.

LASER eye surgery has helped us in leaving glasses behind. By going through LASER eye surgery, patients get cured in just some days, with modern surgeries. LASER eye surgery also has many side effects. I’m going to inform you about LASER eye treatment side effects by this article:

LASER eye treatment side effects

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Side effects of LASIK eye treatment:

Patients can face the side effects when they aren’t able to get this surgery, but they get it. Some patients are compatible for LASIK eye surgery. The patients who have thin and disordered cornea(s),  big pupils, refractive error is too high and dry eyes’ problem, can’t get this surgery. Pregnancy also matters if you’re female.

Side effects can be:

Disturbance in vision: In early days of surgery, some peoples face disturbance in vision. This problem is expected, means if you face this problem, don’t worry.

Irritation: At the early stage, this problem can also be expected.

Flap problem: As we all know that flap is used to provide a natural bandage to the eye, after reshaping it. If the flap has any problem, it will not able to adhere your eye’s surface. In this case, it needs to be re-treatment. Or this problem can also be solved by enhancing eye surgery.

Dry eye problem:  after going trough this surgery 50% peoples face lower tears. It may cause of blurred vision.

Over-Healing:  sometimes LASER may remove too much corneal tissue, in this way your eye might stop healing itself.

Infection: Very low percentage of patients face this problem because there is not any external bandage used after applying LASIK eye surgery.

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