LASER eye treatment cost – [Updated 2016]

LASER eye treatment cost

LASER eye treatment cost

Some time ago, it was the only solution to wear glasses, when you got any eyesight error. But now a day, it is easy to get LASER eye surgery, and it’s time to leave bad looking glasses behind. To read about LASER eye treatment methods, just visit If you need more info about eye surgery, feel free to contact us. Today I’m going to make a comparison table of LASER eye treatment cost. To read the history of LASER eye treatment kindly go through Google or Wikipedia.

LASER eye treatment cost

LASER eye treatment cost

Types of LASER eye surgery (on our blog)

  1. LASIK eye surgery
  2. PRK eye surgery
  3. ICL eye surgery

LASIK eye surgery cost

As this eye surgery is faster than others. If you’re willing to get LASIK eye surgery, then you can heal your vision in just 48 hours. Yes! And when you get cured, you’ll start suggesting others to get this surgery, because it consumes lesser time as well as gives lower pain.

If you go through typical LASIK eye surgery, without using front wave techniques, then it will cost you $500 to $1000. And if you’re willing to go through front wave techniques, then you’ll have to pay about $1500 sometimes. For best info about LASER eye surgery cost, contact your family doctor.

PRK eye surgery cost

Usually, it costs about $300. And if we go for full procedure fee, including next whole year checkup fee(s), instruments used, etc. then it will cost you about $500 as well. PRK eye surgery is especially for those who have farsightedness and who have near nearsightedness. It is true that this eye surgery is not fast enough as compared to LASIK eye surgery, but in fee matter and applicable for the patient it is best sometimes.

ICL eye surgery cost

It is latest eye surgery. It offers no more risks during surgery. But along this, unfortunately, it is a little bit expensive as compared to previous two eye surgeries in this article. It usually charges around $3500. It includes full procedure fee. For accurate cost info, kindly contact your eye surgeon or family doctor.



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