How Long Does Pink Eye Last – Bacterial pinkeye and Symptoms

how long does pink eye last

How Long Does Pink Eye Last

Pink eyes are also called conjunctivitis it’s a swelling and redness of conjunctiva. If sometimes you face any irritation and infection then, the lining of your eye become swollen and red. It also occurs, when someone is experiencing matted and tearing eyes. Pink eyes usually last for three to seven days. ┬áIf the conjunctivitis is caused by infection then, it can be treated with the antibiotic drops.

The bacterial pink eye can be spread very easily. There is no usual medical treatment for the pink eye but, it’s important to prevent its spread. Poor hand wash is one of the main cause of its spread and sharing other objects like towel and washcloth can also help it to spread.

How long different types of the pink eye last?

In a case, that you are facing pink eye, you may require eye drops containing antihistamines to lessen infection and swelling. You are not any more infectious when your eyes look and feel typical normal again.

If your eye irritation is not because of viral or bacterial causes, at that point, you may have unfavorably allergic conjunctivitis. All things considered, the pink eye from unfavorably infection responses to dust and creature dander can keep going inconclusively, particularly relying upon the season of a year.

Unfavorably conjunctivitis is not easy leaving you alone unless you remove the reason for the infection. Meanwhile, you should seriously think about utilizing eye drops containing antihistamines to ease signs of the allergic reaction. Eye drops for sensitivities are accessible over-the-counter or by medicine from your eye specialist.

Bacterial pinkeye

Irritation may create when microbes enter the eye or the region around the eye. Some basic infections that cause pinkeye include:

  • Staph disease.
  • Scratch illness.
  • Gonorrhoea.

Bacterial pinkeye may cause more waste than viral pinkeye. Bacterial infections may last 7 to 10 days without anti-infection treatment and 2 to 4 days with anti-microbial treatment. Peoples can usually return to day care, school, or work 24 hours after an anti-infection has been begun if signs have improved. Medicine anti-toxin treatment normally kills the microbes that cause pinkeye.

Red eye:

Red eye is a more common term that incorporates pinkeye as well as numerous different issues that cause redness close by the eye, not only the lining. Pinkeye is the cause of red eye. Red eye has different causes, including:

Swollen, red eyelids may likewise be caused by eye cysts; a bump called a chalazion, aggravation of the eyelid (blepharitis), or lack of tears (dry eyes).


  • See the doctor if you have one of these symptoms:
  • The skin around the eye or eyelid is red.
  • You have blur or loss of vision.
  • Light have pain in your eye.
  • The eye is red, and there is a yellow, green, or bleeding release that does not start to leave in 24 hours. You may require anti-toxins.
  • Pinkeye keeps going longer than seven days.



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