Eye Stye – some statements about eye stye you must know

eye stye

Eye Stye

Hi readers, Welcome to our blog. Here you can all about eyes. Today, I’m going to write about eye stye. Eye stye is a medical term, known as hordeolum. This thing grows up inside or the outside of the eyelid. This happened when some errors cause the infection of the oil gland. Are you confused about oil gland? I’m talking about oil gland on the eyelid. In most, cases it happens on the edge of the eyelid. Here are some statements about eye stye, you must read.

How to find eye stye problem at the earlier stage?

You can catch/find/detect eye stye problem at its earlier stage without the help of your surgeon. There are some common things; that happen right before the eye stye problem. Or you call these common things as the first stage of eye stye. Finding any problem in your body is a good habit you know. We should care ourselves. We should be aware of any abnormal activity in our body. If you don’t care about the normal and abnormal activities/changes in your body. Then it may hurt you to a very danger stage before you get to Doctor/Surgeon. In this way you can save yourself.

Let’s talk about how to find the eye stye problem at the earlier stage? First sign of eye stye is redness. You’ll find redness in your eye. Maybe your eye wouldn’t fully red. But some of the white area may be red like. So if you find redness in your eye, don’t ignore it. Get to your Surgeon as soon as you can. Second sign of eye is swelling. If you eye has swallon then it maybe the upcoming eye stye problem. Pain may also be the first step of eye stye. Keep checking the changes and if you find anything isn’t normal, do contact your surgeon.

Visian status in eye stye problem

If you’re infected by eye stye, even then you visian should work correctly. Means if you are suffering through the problem eye stye, you can see the things/objects as sharp as can do with your normal eyes. But in other problems of eye except eye stye, visian may be effected.

eye stye

How your eye can be affected by eye stye

When you rub your nose, a bacteria knows as staphlococcal may get avert with your hand. And then if your rub your eye(s) withouth washing your hand. This bacteria known as staphacoccal may fall in your eye and may cause of eye stye. So be careful. Keep washing your hands.

Usually it may heal itself without getting to the Doctor

If you find stye in your eye, don’t itch it. Let it go by it’s own. In most cases it cured itself without any medicine. So don’t try to get rid of it with your nails. It may hurt you a bit, like you may experience eye watering all the day, or you may feel something in your eye. Don’t itch it at any cost.

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